We have a very simple philosophy at Nesnadny + Schwartz: defy the laws of gravity.

We don’t question the rules just to question them. In fact, we have great respect for the rules because they were written by some creative thinker who questioned the prior rules, someone bold enough to ask, “Why not?”

We question the rules because that process invariably yields what we’re passionate about: bold ideas. That’s our stock in trade– bold ideas, responsibly executed. In times of contracting economies, defying the laws of gravity also means finding ways to work smarter and to deliver more impact with less money. We are committed to that.

Bold ideas, flawlessly executed. Over our 29-year history, those values have earned us the opportunity to work with exceptional clients on inspiring projects and to blur the boundary between art and commerce. There is a distinction– we’ll grant you that. But we aim to challenge it, and 1,700+ awards suggest that we may be on the right track.