In simple terms, we do graphic design. And what is “graphic design”? That’s something we ask everyday. Maybe it’s the ambiguity of the word that attracts us to it. We’re free to redefine it – and we do.

The most interesting part of our job is the part that comes before the graphic design: the thinking. Great design is conceptual. It begins with a need or a problem, and it ends with a solution that effectively deploys words and images to achieve the goal.

We don’t specialize in a particular “practice.” We believe that specialization leads to routine, which leads to Dullsville. We welcome assignments, both print and electronic, in all areas: marketing, investor, and development communications; public relations; college recruiting; graphic identity; brand development; interactive electronic design; illustration; graphic design; and areas we haven’t even thought of yet. No challenge should be overlooked.

Nesnadny + Schwartz began 29 years ago as a creative outlet for two restless artists with no professional experience. Since then, it has grown into one of the most innovative and influential visual communications firms in the country.

So how do we define “graphic design”? With a question: What if?