We’re pleased to announce that N+S was awarded three ADDYs in three categories at the 2019-2020 Cleveland American Advertising Awards Show.

Progressive 2018 Annual Report Microsite

The microsite, built as a companion to the printed annual report, was awarded a Gold ADDY in the Online and Interactive category.

Jonathan Woodruff and Michelle Moehler were the creative directors. Jonathan was also the lead designer and developer on the microsite. He worked closely with Nate Druss, designer and developer. Progressive’s CEO Tricia Griffith was a contributing writer.

The design hinged on an instillation created by artist Nathaniel Parsons. Known for his work in sculpture, Parsons was commissioned to illustrate what together meant to the company. His work was captured by photographer John Lee and videographer Robert Bryant.

Progressive 2018 Annual Report

The printed annual report was awarded a Silver ADDY in the Sales and Marketing category.

Michelle Moehler was the creative director and lead designer on the project. She was supported by Jonathan Woodruff. Together, they brought Parsons’s artwork to the page—using his installation to perfectly illustrate how Progressive builds teams, fosters community, and encourages collaboration.

The George Gund Foundation Website

The site was awarded a Silver ADDY in the Public Service category.

Jonathan Woodruff was the creative director, lead designer, and developer on the project. He collaborated with Nate Druss, designer and developer, and Greg Oznowich, creative director. The Foundation’s President Geoffrey Gund and Executive Director David Abbott were both contributing writers.

The annual website weaves photography from Fazal Sheikh throughout, perfectly capturing the Foundation’s theme of “Refugees and Immigrants.”

Both the Progressive microsite and the Foundation website are noteworthy for their digital-first approach. The microsite incorporated videography of Parson completing his installation, which illuminated how the artist brought his vision together and spoke to the larger theme of the annual report. Likewise, the Foundation’s website incorporates poignant animation that brings Sheikh’s photography—and the political moment it engages with—to life.

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