The Cleveland Public Library announced SO-IL, New York, and JKurtz, Cleveland, as the winning team in the design competition for the Library’s new Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch on June 15.

As the graphic design firm of record for this design, N+S was deeply invested in the creative process. We collaborated with the architects throughout the development and presentation of the design and produced all wayfinding and signage materials for the Library.

“What we made here is not a static symbol but a place where people come together and interact,” SO-IL co-founder and principal Jing Liu said in a press release from the Library.

The design was inspired by Dr. King’s own work—primarily the “table of brotherhood,” from the famous 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, which led to the driving vision for the space.

“The Board found the design inventive and creative, with many features that can make this branch world-class,” Maritza Rodriguez, president of the Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees, said in the Library’s press release.

The Library has officially entered into negotiations with the architects. All we can add at this time is that we’re excited to collaborate with these talented teams, and looking forward to contributing to the future of libraries.