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REL, now a division of the Hackett Group, is a London-based company with corporate clients on three continents. They help their clients — Heineken, Air France, Rolls Royce, Philips, Bayer, Thomson Reuters, etc. — liberate cash through structural improvements and better management procedures.

REL approached Nesnadny + Schwartz to design a marketing communications system that was flexible enough to meet the needs of their U.S. offices as well as their expanding European and Asian operations. Using a classic design style with contemporary illustrations and easy-to-read typography, we delivered a comprehensive marketing communications package, identity and business papers, client reporting tools, and a website.

The especially interesting part of the project for us was its international and multicultural scope — making sure, for example, that all the visual metaphors and messages adhered to the relevant cultural expectations. Pre-press, printing, binding, and shipping took place on three continents, so we thoroughly researched and managed everything from paper specifications and color matching systems to packing and mailing methods.

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